Caboo Lite Multi Position Baby Carrier - Stormy Sea

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Brand Close

hearts HF

It is a flexible, functional carrier that offers an affordable way to nurture and care for your baby. Its active yet understated gender neutral looks also make Caboo Lite ideal for both Mum & Dad. With wide straps and stretchy binding, Caboo Lite provides even more support for little one as they grow. 

 * Wider stretchier straps distribute weight evenly and provide excellent head support for baby 

* Padded cross section sits over the shoulder for a comfortable carry

* Easy adjustment pull fabric through rings for the perfect fit, no tying

* Multiple hands-free front positions, including discreet seated breast feeding support

* Secure straps support your baby from the top of their head to the base of their spine with excellent head and neck support

* Easy to use hip position for older babies

* Less fabric for a lighter cooler carrying experience

* Comfortable padded back panel

* Rounded strap ends on hammock and wrap

* Recommended ‘frog legged’ carry position for developing hips and spine


Made from 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester. Use from birth, 5lbs - 32lbs.

Cabot Lite was formally known as Caboo NCT which was the result of Close and NCT (the UK's largest charity for parents) working together to embrace the wants and needs of new parents to nurture and care for their baby with the freedom of being hands free.